Kiln Dried Logs For Sale North Wales

Picking the right firewood is essential for ensuring the highest performance out of your chimney system. Wet wood is bad for a number of reasons, the fire it produces is not great, while it will be producing much more smoke and tar which increases risk of damage to your chimney. Our Kiln dried logs hold between 10-20% moisture content making it ready to use, increasing its efficiency, producing a much hotter burn than wet or seasoned wood, helping to extend the longevity of your chimney or other wood fire appliances.
See our range of UK produced Kiln Dried products below.

Areas We Cover

We cover a wide area within North Wales delivering fire wood to Conwy, Flintshire, Wrexham, Anglesey, Denbighshire, including towns, Prestatyn, Rhyl Old Colwyn and Llandudno.

Other Types Of Logs For Sale North Wales

If you are interested in the fire wood that is available for delivery we offer a large range of Kiln Dried Logs, Seasoned Softwood, Seasoned Hardwood and Mixed Seasoned Wood.

Wet vs Dry Wood

At Premier Fire Wood we only sell fire wood that has less then 20% moisture content. You can find out more useful information about the difference between burning wet and dry wood below.